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Monday, September 12, 2016

DATA LAKES: Past, Present, and Future

Data Lakes are surging in popularity as the preferred way to store massive amounts of data, blobs that vary in format and structure. The driving idea is to have a single store of all data in the enterprise ranging from raw data to transformed data which is used for Reporting, Visualization, Analytics and Machine learning.

The meeting will be a panel of experts with hands-on experience:
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Data Lakes: Where Have We Been to Where Are We Going?

The history of data lakes, current state-of-the-art and projections for the industry and technology.

Karl Seiler, VP of AI @ BigDataFlorida and President @ PIVIT, panel host.

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Avoid Turning Your Data Lake into a Data Swamp – Lessons from Industry

What are some of the issues of managing them over time? How can semantics help provide enough schema to facilitate search, without making your data lake become another data warehouse?

Dr. Eric Little - VP of Data Science at OSTHUS, Inc.

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Practical Data Lakes Today

Real-world insights from projects in work, here in Melbourne. How to get started, safely.

Ben Park - Director of Software Engineering at Thales, Inc.

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