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Daryl Heinz, DFHeinz, LLC

Big Data: Hadoop and Beyond

Monday, February 8, 2016

Big Data: Hadoop and Beyond

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For over five years, the term “Big Data” has been preeminent in the technical psyche. Many believe that “Big Data” is a marketing term and they are correct. But the term expresses a very real set of problems and, fortunately, a set of solutions as well. The challenge is to efficiently create cost-effective storage and leverage the computational power needed to make use of the poly-structured, high volume, and many times, high-velocity data that is called “Big Data.” Big data is useless, however, unless it can be transformed into consumable data that then must yield beneficial information for mission-critical or revenue-generating endeavors. The solution can be found in Hadoop and beyond.

This presentation will provide an overview of open-source big data frameworks that are currently available and a quick synopsis of where they might be applicable in your domain. The presentation will also serve as a kick-off for a series of detailed talks each focused on a specific component of a big data framework distribution, such as the Hadoop Ecosystem (from the Apache Software Foundation) and the rapidly evolving set of capabilities known as the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (from AMPLAB).

About the Speaker

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Daryl Heinz is an independent consultant and trainer. He has extensive experience with big data-related tools and techniques in a variety of application areas. He is the CEO of DFHeinz, LLC.

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