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Derek Remund, Rackspace

Building Managed Data Solutions

Monday, March 14, 2016

Building Managed Data Solutions

The virtualization revolution decoupled systems from the underlying hardware and gave teams previously unheard of flexibility. The cloud revolution came next, building on the success of virtualization technology and adding new capabilities for rapid scaling and management-at-scale. Now a new revolution is upon us: big data.

Rackspace has been heavily involved with all three revolutions: as a premier VMware partner for virtualization, as a co-founder of OpenStack focused on bringing computing at cloud scale to the open source world, and as a market leader in managed data solutions through our acquisition of ObjectRocket in early 2013. This talk summarizes some of the lessons learned by Rackspace’s Data Services division in building and managing a variety of data solutions for customers ranging from small startups to massive enterprises.

About the Speaker

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Derek Remund is a Solutions Architect in the Data Services division of Rackspace, where he guides clients in solving problems using NoSQL and Big Data technologies. A Certified Cassandra Architect, his work encompasses a variety of data systems, including MongoDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Redis, Hadoop, and Spark.

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