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Syam Suri, Verizon

A Practical Approach to Customer Engagement
Using Real-Time Analytics

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Practical Approach to Customer Engagement Using Real-Time Analytics

In the ever-evolving space of big data based real-time analytics, there are many products with overlapping functionalities. Solution architects are often overwhelmed by over-engineered vendor offerings with huge upfront costs. They run into a conundrum where they need the system solution to bring the data together first in order to identify the use cases but they need the use cases and corresponding benefit analysis first in order justify the cost of huge upfront system cost.

This talk covers the practical approach to implementing the solution, while also showing business benefits. From this session, business partners in organizations will gain insights of the practical approach to getting started with the customer engagement program and the incremental benefits it offers. Technical architects responsible for designing the technology stack will gain insights into the technologies and products chosen and how they come together into the bigger puzzle.

About the Speaker

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Syam Suri is an Associate Director for Consumer and Mass Business Omni Channel Customer Engagement program for Verizon. His current responsibilities include ideation, design and development of Next Best Action / Offer strategy using real-time analytics across various channels such as IVRU, WEB, Mobile and Agent Desktop. He has more than 16 years of experience in the IT industry.

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