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Scott Tilley, Big Data Florida and FIT

Big Data in 2016: The Year in Review
Monday, December 12, 2016

Big Data in 2016: The Year in Review

2016 was an exciting year in Big Data. There was a marked resurgence in artificial intelligence. Machine learning went mainstream. Data-driven decisions became the norm in many organizations. Data variety increased. And the pollsters got it wrong again … several times :)

This talk will highlight some of the key developments in the big data space for 2016. We'll also have some fun with predictions for 2017. After all, if we in the Big Data community can't make predictions, who can?

This is the final meeting of 2016, so we'll summarize the activities of Big Data Florida throughout our first year, and touch on our plans for Spring 2017.

About the Speaker

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Scott Tilley is president and co-founder of Big Data Florida and a professor at the Florida institute of Technology. Contact him at

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